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jCalendar - the single user solution

With jCalendar 4.0 the Cyberlab-GmbH offers a flexible solution for organizing your appointments, tasks, resources, e-mails and contacts. In future the power of your PC will support you by scheduling your appointments and contacts. jCalendar is all you need and fully implemented in Java. So you can use our solution on each java supporting platform.

In order to be able to offer also private users the the large function variety of jCalendarNet, we've developed jCalendar 4.0 - the single user solution. Organize all your dates, tasks, resources and eMails with one program, with jCalendar 4.0. Since our software was developed completely on the basis by Java, you can use jCalendar also on computers with Linux or MacOS X.

Feature list:

  • Date administration
  • Task administration
  • Dynamic Contact administration
  • integrated eMail-Client
  • Resource administration with Reservationfunction
  • Many Printfunctions (Day-, Week-, Month-, Listprint, ...)
  • Month-, Week- and several Dayview
  • Multirow View in the views
  • Groupselection and -view for all views
  • Dayly and Weekly Groupview
  • Private entries
  • Easy to handle
  • more than one appointment for each moment
  • Define cycle iterations
  • automatic included german holidays
  • Searchfunction with many selection criterias
  • Assign several categories for each appointment
  • Assign several resources for each appointment
  • Assign several contacts, users and groups for each appointment
  • Template function for appointments, tasks and reservations
  • Complex invitation management for external users
  • Send Auto-Invitations for each entry to external contacts.
  • Acustical Reminder with cyclic remind function
  • Customize your own alarm sound
  • Categorymanager
  • Contactmanager with the possibility to define your own fields
  • Select between English and German user interface
  • Importfunction for Outlook Appointments, Contacts and Tasks
  • The application could be used on the following platforms:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • MacOS X


System requirements:

jCalendar is implemented in Java. So you can use our solution on each java supporting platform. For using an java application on your computer you need to install a JavaTM2 Runtime Environment (J2RE) 1.4.2 or higher for your operating system. Please ensure that it is installed before running the jCalendar installer. As a matter of priciple there a no other system requirements. jCalendar will run on each convetional pc system. The RAM of your pc will be essential for the performance of jCalendar. A minimum of 64 MB should be available. The optimum is abaout 256 MB or more RAM.


If you want to use jCalendar after an evaluation time of 30 days, you will need to purchase a license. After the registration process you will receive a personal key. All registered users can make a draft on the following options:

  • free access to the full and unlimited version
  • free access to all minor updates (4.xx)
  • preferred treatment of your inquiry for bug requests
  • unlimited number of eMail requests during a introduction phase of 30 days

Additionally to these options we offer a maintenance service for jCalendar. Read more about these service. more...

License prices: 19.90 Euro (27.07 USD) incl. Mwst.


To find out, if jCalendar fits your needs, we offer the program as a free shareware version available in our download area. Download now

headerNewsLeft.gif NEW: jCalendarNet 3.0 headerNewsRight.gif
  The new Release of jCalendarNet is available. Make sure of the great functions and test the Software 30 days without any costs.
headerNewsLeft.gif NEW: jCalendar 4.0 headerNewsRight.gif
  The new Release of jCalendar is available. Make sure of the great functions and test the Software 30 days without any costs.


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